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Company profile:

Our product focus is on our portfolio of leading global brands extending across multiple categories within the greater Drone industry. These include complete drone crafts, spares, camera`s for drones, combo`s, accessories, drone software and training on drones but not limited to.


Futuristic of drone technology have the ability for the collection of complex data to be simplified. Drones are utilized in the following industries:

1.      Agriculture

Improve farming efficiency with accurate, on-demand drone data.


2.      Construction

Increase safety and keep projects on track with weekly drone maps.


3.      Surveying

Reduce survey time and accurately capture site data in hours, not days.


4.      Mining

Plan, monitor and analyse site operations with reliable drone data.


5.      Inspection

Drive efficiency and safely inspect job sites with accurate drone imagery.



Our motto is “Helping our customers” and we continually strive towards this goal by building close and trusted relationships. We are focused on an in-depth quality product range at the most competitive prices, to meet the needs of the farming, mining, security, building and hobby industries.  


Fly more drones are passionate about drones and we are proud to be associated with great brand names.


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