Terms & Conditions

The Customer:  ‘You’ and ‘Yours’

The Consumer:  Any person or customer who seeks to buy goods from Fly More Drones (FMD) for purposes which are outside of his trade or profession or calling

The Goods: FMD product items and media related ‘know-how’ products sold by FMD to you including packaging, manuals, DVDs and other electronic media any other ancillary components or documents

Welcome to our online store. FMD provides its services to you subject to the following Conditions. If you visit or shop within this website, you accept these conditions.  


Please read them carefully.

Making an Agreement to Purchas FMD Goods

The invitation to you to order Goods promoted by FMD from time to time on its web-site is not an offer by us to sell to you Goods of the specification and description at the price indicated.  The ‘market’ in the Goods is such that the specification, description and price of individual Goods may change.

Buyer Terms & Conditions


The Global Shipping Program (United States) and the Global Shipping Programme (United Kingdom) (collectively referred to herein as "GSP") make certain items ("GSP Item(s)") located in the United States and United Kingdom available to buyers around the world.

GSP enables Buyers to obtain parcel processing, international shipping, and customs clearance services (the "Services") at checkout from a third party service provider. These Global Shipping Program Buyer Terms and Conditions ("Terms") apply to GSP Items that you purchase through GSP.

The online store named Fly More Drone`s is collectively referred to herein as (FMD).


Payment and Program Fees.

a.       Accepted Payment Method. You must pay for GSP Items and applicable Program Fees using Payfast. Only item listings that offer Payfast as a payment method are eligible for GSP. Your use of the Payfast services is subject to the Payfast User Agreement and Privacy Policy between you and the Payfast entity that provides the Payfast services to you, including all applicable Payfast fees described in the Payfast User Agreement.

  1. Exclusions. You alone are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, surcharges, fines, penalties, or other charges which may be imposed on you by customs or tax officials after a GSP Item has successfully cleared customs and been delivered to (or made available for pickup at) the delivery address specified by you.
  2. Risk of Loss. The risk of loss or damage to a GSP Item shall remain with your Seller until the GSP Item is accepted at the US or UK Shipping Center or has been returned to your Seller by Pitney Bowes from the US or UK Shipping Center. Subject to any statutory rights you may have, the risk of loss or damage to a GSP Item shall transfer to you when the GSP Item leaves the US or UK Shipping Center for export.
  3. Transfer of Title. Title to a GSP Item remains with your Seller until such time as the GSP Item is successfully delivered to you or your consignee, at which time title to the GSP Item shall transfer to you or your consignee. At no time do FMD (or its affiliates), Pitney Bowes (or its affiliates), or the third party logistics providers, shipping carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, or other subcontractors under contract with Pitney Bowes take title to a GSP Item.
  4. Unpaid Items and Payment Failure. Your purchase of a GSP Item is subject to FMD`s sellers policies. FMD reserves the right to collect, using any collection methods at its disposal, any unpaid amounts that FMD`s pays to their Seller and/or Pitney Bowes because of your non-payment or failed payment.

Lost, Damaged, or Undeliverable Items; Valid Delivery Address Required. If a GSP Item that you purchase is not delivered to the delivery address specified by you or to the collection center near you that is designated by the shipping carrier, it is damaged, or it does not match your Seller's description, your purchase may be covered by an FMD Money Back Guarantee or Payfast Purchase Protection program. More information about Payfast end user agreement may be found here. The delivery address that you specify must be within an eligible country and must be a valid and complete delivery address. The delivery address that you specify may not be a Post Office (P.O. Box), Army Post Office, or Fleet Post Office. FMD, eBay and Pitney Bowes shall have no liability and shall have, in their discretion and in any manner that they prefer, the right to dispose of or liquidate GSP Items that FMD eBay or Pitney Bowes conclude are undeliverable, for whatever reason.